Monday, September 29, 2008

Cool as a cucnigumber

It's no wonder Americans are so fucking dumb. Check this out for "informed" political comment.

Obama is "too cool" in a crisis.

I mean, fuck, that's the last thing you want when everything's in the shitter. Some guy coolly figuring out the solution and working out how to turn things around. Much better just to bomb everything and hope that whatever's left standing resembles a solution.

Thing is, a lot of Americans lap that shit up. They don't like hard thinking and they feel intimidated when confronted with evidence that someone is doing some. I'm pretty sure their education system crushes any semblance of critical thinking out of them. Either that or there's something in the water.

And let's face it. Were Obama "one of us", you wouldn't be reading this shit. It's just another way of saying he's "different". Yeah yeah, we noticed. HE'S BLACK OMFG.


At 9:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

boots sez:

wrt America Zen sed "I'm pretty sure their education system crushes any semblance of critical thinking out of them."

It isn't our educational system, it's the whole farking society. The educational system is just the beginning of consumer indoctrination in the US. It's arguably the most stuff-based society in the civilized world.

And how, you say, does that relate to critical thinking? If you actually think things through you'll not be in the group that is rewarded with more and more stuff. The economic fodder group.

Treat yourself to some American television Zen, if you have access. You'll learn, if you don't already know, how the lust and must of greed is maintained.

At 5:57 am, Blogger jim said...

Yeah - who knew rabies was sexy?

Teh GOP, that's who!

I hear they're now cloning G.G. Allin to run in 2012. If they can't artificially age him, they'll just go with the 4-year-old version: he'll fit right in!

At 12:57 pm, Anonymous said...

Not all Americans are stupid.

But I must say, I do believe I come in contact with quite a high percentage of the really really dumb ones.

I attribute it to the brainwash.


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