Friday, July 20, 2007

God have mercy on Iraq

Killing cabbies and scaring old ladies. This is what the Republican filibuster is buying. Sean Smith's brilliant documentary should be essential viewing for the idiots who still support and prolong this horror.

Specialist Michael Vassell, says, "I challenge anybody in Congress to do my rotation… Because we have people up there in Congress with the brain of a two-year-old who don't know what they're doing… I challenge the president to ride along with me for 15 months. I'll do another 15 months if he comes out her and rides along with me…They won't even have to pay me!" (H/T to Dave Lindorf for the transcript.)

Iraq is not going to get better any time soon. It's not being helped any by the Americans, who, as I've said many times, are not aiding progress, but are acting as just another militia in a broad, vicious civil war. The Americans are not fighting terrorists. They are lashing out at whoever gets in their way.

I feel sorry for the soldiers in Smith's video. They didn't sign up for this. Yeah, I deplore those who sign up for killing, but still I feel pity for them. They are doing tremendous evil because their moral compasses have been smashed by a conflict they cannot understand, by fear they cannot control. I feel no empathy at all with the people who sent them, the evil bastards who profit from their being there. God may have mercy on Iraq but he surely won't on them.


At 9:55 pm, Blogger Nick Brunetti-Lihach said...

Dr Zen, I'd direct you to expand your research. "Iraq is not being helped any by the Americans" is quite the absolutist statement.

I would direct you to read statements by New York Times Baghdad Bureau Chief John Burns, or Iraq's Ambassador to the United States, Senator Joseph Lieberman, CNN's Michael Ware, General Anthony Zinn, Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett, Victor Davis Hanson, or many, many others, who will supply you with some actual concrete proof to contradict your claims, which are noticeably loose with the facts. Or read my blog, facts there, too.

The Americans are not fighting terrorists? I see you are drinking the Democrats' Kool Aid.

Our troops lash out at whoever gets in their way? Again, a bold, ignorant statement with not even a link to back it up.

"I deplore those who sign up for killing."

I deplore those who diminish the honorable commitment to fight for one's own liberty. I deplore those who would denigrate the name and challenge the motives of an American who signed up knowing full well the ultimate price that could be paid.

The troops don't need your pity.

At 8:52 am, Blogger Dr Zen said...

It's an "absolutist statement", Nick, because America absolutely is not helping Iraq any.

I read neocons all the time, Nick, but I never feel all that enlightened afterwards.

The Americans are not on the whole fighting terrorists. Men who defend their country against invaders and occupiers are not generally considered to be terrorists. Nor are cab drivers.

The link I provided gave anecdotal evidence, from the troops themselves, of their lashing out at whomever. There is no secret that American troops kill many civilians. Yeah, Ace of Spades doesn't write about it much, but it happens even if you rightards ignore it.

No soldier in Iraq, nor any American soldier in the past sixty years, can claim to be fighting for "one's own liberty". In fact, you do despise those who are doing that: the Iraqi insurgency consists in the main of men who are fighting to free their home from invaders.

I do not care what the motives are of Americans who sign up. I deplore them for fighting rich men's conflicts and murdering innocents in the process whatever their reasons for doing it.

Dude, the troops do need my pity. They are stuck in a pointless conflict, risking their lives for no good reason. I mostly pity them for being dumb enough to sign up in the first place, but I pity them also for the terrible waste of their lives.


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