Thursday, December 21, 2006

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth

What would I like for Christmas?

I mean, apart from world peace. And fifty thousand dollars.

Let's assume that they are not going to turn up.

I am very fortunate. I am among the world's wealthiest people, although it doesn't always feel that way. But I have plenty of electrical goods, two cars, always enough (often too much) to eat and drink, enough CDs that I can forget I own one and surprise myself at how much I like it (listened to Rogue satellite by Omni Trio today and remembered how much I liked it on first listen). There is nothing material that I lack. Any "stuff" that I was given would just be more junk. I really don't want for anything. We forget how lucky we are when we can say that.

I am a bit short of work but I expect something will turn up.

I'd love a publishing contract but I doubt a publisher is just going to bring one to me. I suppose I can give myself the present of writing something I love enough that I won't fear that others won't love it enough.

What I would like is a friend. Before I get emails saying "but I'm my friend", yes, you are, but you do not live next door to me. If you did, that would be fantastic. I need someone to hang out with, to drink a few beers with, to go to the football with maybe, to laugh with.

Life can never be festive if you have no one to laugh with.

And I already have my two front teeth.


At 11:46 pm, Anonymous Nobody said...

Maybe now the yellow Wiggle has retired, he'll move next door to you.

Merry Christmas. I wish you laughter.

At 1:41 am, Anonymous Don said...

My only friends, as you describe them, I met in childhood and they live far away. My wife finds in this something to criticize. But my father and father-in-law were the same way. I think it's something about men generally. Only a few can connect, face to face. The rest stay involved with family and work and are game enough but that friendship so common between women and between boys just never again happens between them.

I hope you prove me wrong, or yourself an exception.

At 5:18 am, Anonymous Arleen said...

I think it's something about men generally.

I think it's a combination of personality and opportunity.

At 8:09 am, Anonymous Dr Zen said...

"I think it's a combination of personality and opportunity."


I think Hip is righter than you are.

At 8:24 am, Anonymous Arleen said...


You thought I was being catty???

I was thinking about myself, dude. Hip said it was a male thing. I'm not male. I was offering my view based on my experience.

At 8:35 am, Anonymous Dr Zen said...

Yeah right. Claws back in. YHBT.

At 8:39 am, Anonymous Arleen said...

Keeping those front teeth must not be of much concern to you.

At 8:43 am, Anonymous Dr Zen said...

Erm.... Arleen... put the bat down... step away...

At 7:38 am, Anonymous Looney said...

Yeah, but Newcastle beat the spurs today to climb up to 11th, which means everything must be just right in the world today :-)

Don't know what that has to do with anything. You already know how I feel on the topic at hand...


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