Monday, August 22, 2005

Give truth a chance

We have our Rosa Parks. We have our woman who says no, I won't go along with it, who stands up to be counted.

A ton of shit is being poured Cindy Sheehan's way, mostly by the open sewers that pass as rightwing media in the states: FoxNews, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter.

To all of them she has a message and I echo it: you want a war, you go and fight it. Get your arse over to Iraq and relieve a soldier who wants to come home.

Face the truth: all that's happening there is young men and women are being blown up so that Dick Cheney's mates can buy new yachts. Not even that. They are dying because a paralysed political leadership didn't think past "Send in the marines".

Our Rosa Parks is not doing it for black rights, she's not doing it only for the soldiers in Iraq. She's doing it for the people of Iran and Syria, who will be next to suffer if we don't say enough: enough of the lies, enough of the bloodshed and chaos, enough war; bring the troops home and keep them there.


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