Wednesday, August 17, 2005


He did not run. He did not even know they were following him. He did not jump the barrier.

He was not identified because the guy who was supposed to do it was taking a piss. He was executed as a "maybe".

He came towards them when they shouted that they were police.

He was restrained and could not have detonated a bomb, which he was not in any case carrying underneath what was not a thick jacket as the police had earlier lied but a jeans jacket.

He was murdered.

There is no other word for it. The men responsible must be jailed and their superiors sacked. The message has to go out: you can't fuck up when you are holding someone's life in your hands.

But they won't be. The police will continue to pursue a shoot-to-kill policy. They will continue with a policy of "profiling" that endangers anyone who is not quite the right shade.

They hate us because we are racists. And we are willing to prove worthy of that hate, over and over.


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