Tuesday, November 16, 2004

God bless Canada, the land of the free?

An alternative to secession would be for the reality-based sections of America to join up with Canada. Everyone would be happier. To begin with.

Without the powerhouse economy of California and with its market split (not to mention that without the progressives, Jesusland would face a dim future as a benighted demitheocracy), Jesusland, or Idiotica, as I'm beginning to think of it, would sink economically.

Of course, America is not quite so simply divided, as these maps show. Or at least the division is more readily understood as being between insular rural folk and outward-looking urban folk. It's no secret that countryfolk are more conservative than citydwellers, and to tell the truth, those areas in the midwest that are very red are a long, long way from anywhere. It's easy to understand why those people do not feel part of the world.


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