Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More Falluja

The photo on this page alerted me to the new tactic that's being used in the war on the world, sorry, I meant to say terror.

Maim Moslems before they can become terrorists! Get them while they're toddlers.

Why was this child's house shelled? How is this fighting terrorists?

Is this peace? Is this how we bring peace to the world? Kill everything that moves, destroy the places people live in and maim children.

I am angry, fiercely angry, with the people of America who elected again the warmongerers who perpetrate this slaughter, this wanton destruction, this Schrecklichkeit. Let's call it what it is. Fucking murder and you voted for it.

This has always been a world for you, I know, in which destroying a living child's life by maiming him is more "moral" than allowing a woman to choose whether some of the cells of her body become a child or not. It has always been true in your world that murdering civilians as they run away from your troops is more "moral" than two guys who love each other being allowed to leave each other their estate.

And you have the world you want, one in which you feel you cannot sleep safely in your beds! Lucky you.


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