Friday, September 17, 2004

Zenny was a punk rocker...

Hey ho, let's go!

It's one of the burdens of aging that those you love must die. Love, as we all know, can be a small or a big thing. Sometimes you can love a person just because they make you smile.

Dying of cancer seems such a mundane, stupid thing to happen to a man. A small part of your body goes wrong and one thing and another follow and then you're no more.

The creative endeavours of others (and for some of us, our own) release us from the mundane. They remove us from the world in which we must die, the woes that assail us and all the shit, and allow us to be... somewhere else.

What better legacy for a man than to have created great pop songs? I'd be envious if I didn't love him for it. So long as there is someone with a love for pop and a means to enjoy it, Johnny Ramone will be 21 and dumb, his leather jacket on, ripping out his three chords -- what better way to be in this world!


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