Friday, September 19, 2003

Bright yellow bright orange

Maybe the reason the Go-Betweens haven't had the success they deserve is that it's practically impossible to say why they are so brilliant. Anyone who hears them knows it – or if they don't know it, they don’t good music when they hear it, and if you don't know good music when you hear it, what hope is there for you? – but it's saying why that's the catch. All their good reviews – and their records are well received by the critics – say the same thing: wonderful melodies, wistful, smart lyrics, beautiful aching sentiment, but none captures the right note. There's a wonderful, luxurious yearning in this record – missing someone while you take a warm bath, wine reminding you of a wonderful holiday, a postcard from a friend whose smile you'd pay for if you didn't get it for free. At the moment, I have "Crooked lines" in my earphones and tears in my eyes. There's something heartbreakingly fallible about it. (As the guy says, "Part of me loves to fail".)
Love it. A million out of ten. If only that were enough to get them into the charts…


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