Thursday, September 18, 2003

Creating havoc

Shouldn't laugh really, but how do you get to be this dim?
My favourite bit:
Even many of them believe in a big bang starting the
universe. However, such a big bang would have damaged earth
elemental structure as the earth was created. Therefore, the earth
would appear older than could be tested.

You remind yourself that no one would reason this on their own. Someone taught the guy this. Some teacher, some preacher, someone, I don't doubt, a little more savvy, who knows that this is cock, but has an agenda that allows them to feed minds with what they know is not true to serve ends that they do believe are true.
These fuckers are masters of it. Create a tradition that hates education, which provides you with an audience that is apt to believe shit like this and this. It's laughable, of course. How can it be the work of an apostate to vote for an MP, but not to support the establishment of a caliph?
But we can't laugh it off. Too many people take this seriously. We - by that I mean people of good faith - end up having to stand up to it. We have to cast our voices into the maelstrom, finding ourselves robbed of the tools we rely on - reason, logic, whatever we call it. We feel compelled by the horror we feel that the world can be consumed by such fucking idiots.
And whether we are talking to creationists, muhajirounistas or the prophets of profit, we know that it is in vain, that the world comes and goes for us in little more than the briefest instant, and our footprints are washed away by the tide, and we, like them, are conning ourselves that there is a better way than to watch for ourselves and be good to one another.


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