Monday, October 10, 2016


Each day I wake up and think, this might be the day...

With my other children, I never had this. We didn't get to "term" and then have the delicious anticipation of an upcoming birth. They all came in a rush, a week pre. But now I am living in a state of quivering excitement.

A new story is about to begin. I am about to take the first step on a journey into the unknown. What will she be like? Who will she look like? Will she be elfin and lovely like her mum or will she have my piggy nose and almond eyes? Will she be like Zenella, and need phototherapy? Will she be like Zenita, and need oxygen? Will she be like G and have stomach problems? Will she be an aspie? Will her eyes be blue or green? Will her hair be curly or straight? Will she find love, laughter and happiness?

Some answers I already have. I know I will love her. I already love her. My heart already sings her song and I am ready to sing her into this life. The words of my song are a promise to love her, to do what I can to make this life good for her, to love her to love her to love her, my Miggins, soon to be with us, soon to be here among us.


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