Thursday, December 30, 2004

It's the rules, fool

Talking of cunt magnets. It seems astonishing that a community blog, invented so that people can share links, can be so unfriendly.

One guy says:
"Not pissed at you specifically, but the radical sub-sect of Metafilter users who follow the guidelines or the wiki like Wahhabists follow the Koran. Your post was just the nearest example...

He doesn't need a reprieve because he shouldn't be penalized in the first place. It was a good-faith thing, so I'm not even sure why we need this thread."

And this is exactly it. Like all wikicitizens, MetaFilterers are supposed to assume the best of other posters. It's a good metarule. Think the best and make allowances. But there's always some cunt who says "We have a rule banning that and I want it applied." They have ignored the good metarule because they have a not so good, harsher guideline that they can use to hurt someone else. What's worse, they spend hundreds of posts on whether they should be utter cunts or just cunts.

The question I didn't spot anyone asking was "Why would he want to stay?"

(Thanks to Miss P Dubya for the link.)


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