Monday, December 27, 2004

Cunt of the year?

Time magazine, against all reason, made Bush their man of the year. We all know it should have given the accolade to Karl Rove, who engineered the rigging of the election, and not the bumbling monkey who will now stumble through four more years of creating hatred and division. This heartfelt letter moved me.

These men will never be held to account. War crimes tribunals are only for the losers in wars, not for emperors and their viziers. While this Christmas, many Americans languish in jail for minor offences such as smoking doobies, and many Muslims of different nationalities are still incarcerated without process in camps where they are tortured and humiliated, these murderers and thieves -- our Barabbases -- walk free and are honoured by what we laughably describe as a free press.


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