Thursday, July 22, 2004

The uranium lie

The conservative nutters, Ann Coulter as usual to the fore, are busy smearing Joseph Wilson, who helped expose Bush's lie in the State of the Union address about Iraq's trying to buy uranium from Niger.

What these people ignore is that the claim was false, and Bush was told that it was dubious. The White House is falling back on the usual defence. It's not up to Bush to find out what the truth is. It was someone else's fault.

The State department told the White House that it was dubious that Saddam was seeking to build nuclear weapons. We know it did because it was reported at the time that it did. It was widely reported that a group of advisers to Bush was suppressing contrary evidence.

Surely, if there was doubt, we shouldn't have been invading another nation? We should have checked it out first, no?


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