Friday, March 12, 2004

Madrid bombs

Dr Zen will, in spirit, be joining the demonstrations in Spain against the Madrid bombings.

It's my feeling that nothing, no cause, no belief can justify the indiscriminate slaughter of our fellow humans.

I have sympathy for some of the aims of ETA and some also of the Islamists. But none whatsoever for their means. What would your nation be worth if you built it on the blood of commuters, everyday people doing their everyday things? What is your religion if that is your utopia that you build from broken bodies? Is that a glory, a wonder, a place we can all look at with pride?

I will never understand the sheer arrogance of those who believe they have the right to end the lives of others as they choose. I will never understand those who believe this world can be fuelled by hatred, that we, any of us, can hope to survive, can hope for our descendants to have a world to live in, if we make no effort to cherish one another.

We have to say no. We have to say that especially if we are the people the bombers think support them. I say no.


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