Thursday, November 20, 2014

Moving day

"When you take your TV unit, could you get your removals men to bring mine upstairs?"
"Oh I don't think Dad would like that."

Well, how about Dad pays me for the fucking holes you punched in the wall, for the dirt you left everywhere, for the window screen we had to take out to get into the room your kid locked us out of when he broke the door handle and you lied and said your dad knew about screens and would fix it but he hasn't and I will have to pay someone to do it, for the rent you never paid your share of, for cleaning up the mess you've left behind, for the boxes I bought so you could pack your stuff, for my crockery that I gave you because you don't have any, for the chairs that I bought to go with your table and I let you have because I don't need thirteen chairs and I'm too kind to make you have to buy your own and just keep some in the garage, the food I paid for that you took with you, the phone charger your removalists broke because you were too lazy to take it out of the wall and they didn't see it or, oh I don't know, the removalists I paid to put the stuff in my house in the first place?
Oh right, he doesn't think you even owe me two minutes of your removalists' time because you lied to him about who I am. You told him I am someone I am not instead of telling him I am the man who cared for you through your screaming fits, through your rage, through your laziness, your abuse of my children, your unwillingness to find work.

 /rant. Man Utd are still shit. I am going to eat cheese and crackers and fuck you, that's all.


At 9:09 pm, Blogger Ripberger said...

Sorry about your recent troubles. I've had to see relatives go through the same pain you've experienced. It's sad.

I was going to ask you about all the draconian policing going on in Brisbane during the G20 Summit and if you were inconvenienced? The stuff the Australian government allowed police to do would not fly at all in the U.S. How do you Aussies stand it?

At 9:13 pm, Blogger Dr Zen said...

Thanks for the kind comment. Things are looking up though.

I wasn't inconvenienced at all because I work from home. And really, I don't know much about it. It was either mostly ignore it or get into a righteous fury and go throw rocks at the coppers, and I have other stuff to worry about.

I think it passed off quite peacefully though?


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