Friday, March 16, 2012


It's become fashionable in some parts of the left to support Ron
Paul, because he's against foreign wars and would legalise teh weed.
Apparently, he's a man of principle. Yeah, but those principles suck.

My friend A, who I've talked to at great length about politics, has
jumped on the Ron Paul clowncar.

She posts this video: and says:

"I don't agree with everything Ron Paul says, but I'm 100% in
agreement with him on the message he promotes here. Do watch it. It's
not your typical political ad. Even if you can't get behind him, this
is an informative message about our country's shenanigans when it
comes to what we've done around the world.

I also respect him. There is nothing his detractors can say about him
other than to try to laugh him off because he's not a liar. He stands
by his convictions. He doesn't swing this way and that based on public
opinion or corporate deep pockets. He lives by his dedication to the
Constitution, and he doesn't back down, even if it makes him
unpopular. And he has raised warning cries about what would happen to
us financially and with our wars, cries that were disregarded.

I'm so, so tired of political leaders that do not really care about
the general population of America, that pay only lip service to us and
to our Constitution. Even though I can't agree with this man on some
issues, I would not be sad if he got elected. It's not as if he'd
actually be able to do all that he'd like to do. There would be lots
of resistance, so he couldn't screw up too badly, could he? But at
least getting him in office would be a clear message that the people
of America are sick of the two major parties and their extremisms, and
maybe, just maybe, some good might actually come out of it. It's not
like Obama has done anything to help matters, is it?"

Obviously, I am incandescent at this. I have spent many hours
discussing politics with A, explaining positions I hold, elucidating
what the issues are, what each side believes, why I take the view I
do. I have also discussed with her matters of economics, not just my
views, but others' and their implications. To no avail, obviously.

Most of my views are pretty standard liberal views: I oppose racism,
support equal rights, blah blah. So am I surprised that someone I've
talked to a lot has come out in support of this racist, misogynist
lunatic? I'll say so.

"I would not be sad if he were elected."

I mean, seriously?

Leave aside his racism. Leave aside that those "principles" that have
him vote against every single thing the government ever wants to do
don't prevent him from demanding pork for his constituents and
supporters ($400 million in 2007 --- that's ONE congressman. So much
for "small government"). Check out his agenda:

Eliminating the EPA.
Disbanding state education. Opposes all state support for higher
education. Opposes government funding of research.
Removing food standards and cutting the FSA to the bone.
End coordinated disaster reaction and relief.
End foreign aid, which is an enormous plus in your foreign policy.
Enormous tax cuts for corporations and the rich.
Repealing healthcare law.
Destroying the stability of the national currency by allowing
competing currencies.
Destroying growth by returning to the gold standard. This would be a
disaster beyond belief for the economy because the analysis it is
based on is completely incorrect.
Supports tax resistance.
Wants the Do Not Call register scrapped so you can be bombarded by ads.
Does not support separation of church and state. Believes schools
should be allowed to have school prayers.
Wants a constitutional amendment (hang on, I thought it was already
perfect?) to ban flag burning.
Wants no campaign finance reform. Supports corporate buying of elections.
Strongly pro-gun.
Believes juries should make law.
Opposes sexual harassment laws. Believes that if you're harassed you
should just leave your job. I'm not kidding. That's what this
"principled man" said.
Wants states to be allowed to outlaw gay marriage. Personally is a
homophobe. Supported DADT.
Thinks Texas should have the right to ban sodomy.
Extremist prolifer. Opposes women's reproductive rights. Opposes
access to birth control. Believes state should have no part in birth
Supports the death penalty.
Wants all federal lands sold off. Yes, that includes your national parks.
Denies climate change is a big problem.
Pretends to oppose subsidies to Big Oil, but actually only opposes
direct subsidy, not tax breaks. Big Oil is largely subsidised through
its tax treatment.
Believes health care is not a right, but something you should get if
you can afford it. Opposes mandated emergency care. He thinks you
should just bleed to death if you can't afford care.
Wants Medicare and Medicaid scrapped.
Also Social Security.
Completely opposes government medical research.
Believes anyone should be permitted to pose as a doctor if they want
to. Does not believe in regulating health claims so yes, he supports
the rights of snake oil salesmen, no fucking kidding.
Opposes the Voting Rights Act. Believes states should be allowed to
deny the vote to blacks if they want to.
Pretends to be a free trade proponent but has rarely supported it with
his votes.
Hates immigrants. Wants to deny citizenship to people born in the
States unless their parents were citizens (this view is called
"nativism" and is deeply racist, obviously).

This is the programme you support. You are seriously suggesting this
raving fucking lunatic, racist, womanhating goldbug, who wants to take
you back to 1830 is a good alternative to a moderate Republican. WTF?


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