Friday, August 29, 2008

Please pick Joe

"One of the favourites for the vice-presidential slot is Mitt Romney, the Mormon former governor of Massachusetts. Tim Pawlenty, the youthful governor of Minnesota, has been mentioned as well.Joe Lieberman, Al Gore's running mate in 2000 but now firmly with McCain, is also a possibility. But McCain risks triggering a rebellion from conservative Republicans if he chooses Lieberman, who supports abortion rights, long the litmus test for Republicans."

Please please please please please make it Lieberman. Or Mittens. But please please please Lieberman. He would lose so so so much.

The Dems have done their best to throw this away, but picking Lieberman would be suicide for the Repugs. Much of the far right hates McCain and sees him as a RINO. Picking a neocon might seem like a good idea, but Lieberman just reinforces the jingoism, which McCain can't be faulted on, and undermines the social conservatism, which McCain has been pretending to like.

Mittens is batshit loopy. And a Mormon. We'd have fun with him.

Pawlenty is a cunt, but he's their cunt. So he'd be a strong choice for McCain. Biden would chew him up in the debates, but that's a minor thing.

I'd put an outside dime on Palin. McCain seemed to be manoeuvring on the "Obama hates women" meme, and he might just gamble that he can snare disaffected PUMA types by appointing a woman.

Anyway, who cares? Whoever he appoints, if you vote for McCain, you're a fucking idiot. No excuses this time. You know what you're buying.


At 2:13 am, Blogger Miz UV said...

Too bad you didn't place an actual bet, huh? That was good.


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