Thursday, September 13, 2007

Iran, Iran so far away

Very sad to learn that two of the troops who wrote the piece that exposed the myth of progress in Iraq have been killed.

I note that Mr Bush is now going to de-Surge. So much for "the Surge is working".

I also note that Ms Rice continues to be a profound hypocrite. Accusing Iran of "aggression" while you are currently occupying the neighbour you invaded without reason and destroyed is the definition of cheek. Ms Rice is surely aware that the Iraqi government is not likely to "resist" Iran, but will likely be great friends with it, as the two nations stand together as protectors of Shiism in the Middle East.

They really have stopped caring how ridiculous they sound. Well, why would they care, so long as the American press never puts them to task for it?


At 2:46 pm, Blogger Father Luke said...

" the American press never puts them to task for it?"

Leave off the fucking American press, will ya? American Press , Rupert Murdoch, is fucking Aussie, FFS.

It's not the responsibility of an American Press, as it is the responsibility of an entire Fourth Estate.

That part of it which hasn't gone soft, and squishy like summer dog shit.

Fucking sell-outs.

- -
Father Luke


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