Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Comment dilemma

I like to read comments on my posts. I wouldn't have put in the feature if I
didn't. Yes, I prefer "Dude, you rawk" to "Die, you leftwing faggot", but
the latter has its value to me. I'm vain enough to want readers and soft
enough to want to interact with them.

So now I'm faced with the comment dilemma. Anyone who uses Blogger for their
blog has encountered it.

Haloscan is the better commenting system but it doesn't ping you unless you
pay money. Blogger insists you post as your Blogger ID or as Anonymous. With
Haloscan you can be who you please.

I like free things. I don't like things that need a credit card or any other
means of transferring money. I live with having to allow Amazon access to my
financial details and of course Sainsbury and Tesco have them, but that's as
far as it goes. Actually, I don't even have a credit card (or any other
credit). I'd have to use Mrs Zen's.

And I like free things because I like something for nothing. If the Haloscan
guy asked me for something in return, maybe I'd give him it. But if he wants
paying, he needs to provide a service that is worth paying for. And Haloscan
isn't. It's clever but not clever enough.

But if you're not pinged when there are comments, you have to waste half
your life looking to see whether the numbers have increased. Very dull.
Surely worth ten bucks or whatever?

So the dilemma is a trilemma. Should I stick with Haloscan and pay for the
ping? Stick with them and maybe not worry so much about reading comments? Or
go with Blogger?

Maybe I should just get out more.


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