Sunday, September 07, 2003

Sorry, we gave the monkeys speed

The Observer reports that Es are, after all, still good. Proof if any were needed that we should take reports of scientific studies with a pinch of salt. The media love a scare story, but they're less keen on the details. If you only ever read the Daily Mail, you'd think the world was staggering from one calamity to the next, with its population unable to eat anything safe - except of course bacon and eggs on the Atkins Diet.
I was thinking about the Atkins Diet the other day. We all know it works - loads of our friends have lost weight rapidly - but we hear that it is not healthy. It's probably not the way our bodies were designed to work - after all, why have an insulin-regulated metabolism if you're not supposed to eat carbs - and there's a danger of kidney stones. But I got to thinking, do the Inuit have kidney stones? Dr Fellas in his response to a BMJ thread on Atkins thinks not. If you look at the replies, you'll find plenty of doctors willing to say that while a whole life of eating bacon and eggs and no taters would not be good, in the short term it's perfectly okay and will lead to weight loss.
A little bit like Es, the Atkins Diet is one of those things that sounds too good to be true. Medicine, which is firmly part of our partypooping, naysaying culture, hates that, and spends its days trying to find out what's wrong with it (because they know something *must be*).
Me? I haven't done an E in a long time and I'm a vegetarian, so no bacon and eggs for me, no matter that I could do with losing a few pounds.


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